UNICEF Somalia Monthly SitRep #9, September 2013

from UN Children's Fund
Published on 30 Sep 2013


  • Somalia’s New Deal Compact was finalized and presented in Brussels, gaining the support from the international Community, pledging US$ 2.7 billion.

  • By the end of September 2013, 170 Wild Polio Virus cases had been confirmed in Somalia. The seventh round of Supplementary Immunization Activities (SIAs) in response to the outbreak was conducted between 15 and 20 September, reaching 3,295,372 beneficiaries. The Polio Response is showing some results in that, by the end of September, it had been 10 weeks since the last case of Polio had been reported in Banadir (the epicenter of the outbreak).

  • The G2S campaign was successfully launched, simultaneously, in all three zones on 8 September 2013. The event was attended by high level Somali Government delegates (including the President of the Federal Government of Somalia in the Mogadishu meeting), UN agencies, donor representatives and Civil Society Organizations.

  • A US$ 19 million contribution from Educate a Child (EAC), part of the Qatar Foundation, was approved for the Go-2-School (G2S) Initiative.

  • 120 Gender Based Violence (GBV) survivors were assisted by UNICEF partners with psychosocial support, medical assistance and/or referral to medical assistance.

-In September, the number of people in Crisis and Emergency was deemed to be the lowest since famine was declared in parts of Central South Somalia in 2011. Despite improvements in food security, acute malnutrition rates continue to remain very high.

  • There was a significant increase in numbers being reported for key HIV indicators during September as compared to August 2013. The number of people receiving Voluntary Counseling and Testing services (VCT) for HIV across Somalia rose from 18,306, by the end of August, to 25,724 by the end of September.

  • Zonal Mid-Term Reviews across programme sectors were conducted with participation of the relevant Government representatives, as well as implementing partners and sister UN agencies.