UNICEF Somalia Humanitarian Situation Report No. 4, Reporting Period: 1 April to 30 April 2021



• Somalia declared a drought on the 25th of April 2021. The combined effects of drought and flood are worsening the dire circumstances of 2.7 million food insecure people in the country.

• In addition, armed conflict in Somalia continues to impact heavily on civilians. According to OCHA, the armed conflict escalated on the 25th of April resulted in the displacement of an estimated 250,000 people.

• The COVID-19 pandemic also continues posing unique public health, economic and social risks in Somalia. The country reported a total of 13,915 with 713 deaths as of 30 April 2021.UNICEF is supporting the COVID-19 vaccine rollout and as of April 28th,122,597 doses were administered.

• UNICEF through its partners also continues to provide life-saving humanitarian assistance to people in need. During the month of April, 20,176 affected children (46 per cent girls) were supported to access education, 11,895 children (58 per cent girls) were treated for SAM, 8,028 (4,328 under the age of five years) received essential health services, 44,450 people were reached with access to sustainable safe water and 6,939 people (2,232 boys, 1,581girls, 1,644 men,1,482 women) received Psychosocial support services.