UNHCR Somalia: Response to Yemen situation 1 - 31 July 2017

from UN High Commissioner for Refugees
Published on 31 Jul 2017 View Original


Number of new arrivals: 598 new arrivals from Yemen

Core relief items: 146 CRI kits distributed to 142 households (284 individuals)

Reinstallation grants: 335 individuals provided with reinstallation grants

Subsistence allowance: 892 households (2,043 individuals) received subsistence allowance

New enrolments: 140 students enrolled

Community-based projects: 1,071 beneficiaries of community-based projects

Update on achievements

In July, the King Salman Centre for Humanitarian Aid and Relief (KS-Relief) delegation visited Somalia to assess the progress on activities funded by KS-Relief. UNHCR and partners briefed KS-Relief on services and activities provided by UNHCR for people of concern fleeing from Yemen.

Return figures

New arrivals: In July, 598 new arrivals reached Somalia from Yemen, including 540 Somalis, 57 Yemenis and one Ethiopian. In 2017, 3,428 new arrivals were recorded, including 2,888 Somalis, 520 Yemenis and 20 third country nationals. Since the beginning of the conflict in Yemen 38,188 individuals arrived to Somalia, including 32,363 Somalis, 5,492 Yemenis and 333 third country nationals.

Final destination: In July, 385 Somali returnees from Yemen opted to continue their journey to other destinations within Somalia: 349 to South Central, 35 to Puntland and one to Somaliland.