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UNHCR Somalia: Response to Yemen Situation (1-31 December 2017)

Situation Report
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  • Number of new arrivals 1,050 persons arrived from Yemen

  • New enrolments 227 students enrolled in school

  • Subsistence allowance 1,492 Yemeni refugee households (3,180 persons) received subsistence allowance

  • Access to heath 597 persons provided with health care assistance

  • Community-based projects 313 beneficiaries of community-based projects

Update on achievements

New arrivals

Since the beginning of crisis in Yemen in March 2015, 41,340 persons arrived to Somalia, including 34,990 Somalis1 (among them were 34,176 who returned on their own and 814 who returned with UNHCR support under the Assisted Spontaneous Return programme) 5,986 Yemeni refugees and 364 persons from third country nationals.

  • In 2017, 6,580 persons reached Somalia from Yemen, including 5,515 Somalis (comprising of 4,701 persons who arrived unsupported and 814 that have been repatriated under the UNHCR programme), 1,014 Yemeni refugees and 51 third country nationals.

  • During December, there were 1,050 persons, including 905 Somalis (509 unsupported and 396 assisted) and 145 Yemenis reached Somalia by sea