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UNHCR Somalia Repatriation Update, 1-30 November 2017

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Updates on Achievements

UNHCR together with government counterparts and partners continued providing assistance to Somali refugees who decided to voluntarily return home. To ensure sustainable reintegration of Somali refugee returnees, UNHCR provides the enhanced return package2 . Detailed achievements throughout November are presented below per sector.

Protection and Return Support

Return Management

■ The Government of Kenya have now authorized resumption of road convoys to Somalia but due to rainfalls in the region (Dhobley town, Lower Juba region), most of the return routes are not accessible, making return by road not feasible.

■ Flights to Kismayo have resumed on 21 November. The suspension was put in place on 28 September after the State of Jubaland imposed new landing fees on UN flights. The last return flight from Kenya to Kismayo was received on 28 September.

Protection Monitoring

■ UNHCR has shared the Country of Origin Information (COI) for the month of October with the Return Help Desk in Refugee Camps in Kenya and Yemen. The COI includes information about the humanitarian, security and political situation in Somalia. The COI helps Somali refugees make an informed decision about their return.

■ During November, the pilot phase of UNHCR’s new post-returns monitoring system commenced across South Central Somalia. Consultations were held with partners in Mogadishu before the rollout of the telephonic monitoring began. The new monitoring system includes a face-to-face survey.

Return Figures

Since the beginning of repatriation in 2014, a total of 109,317 Somalis returned to Somalia; 74,606 from Kenya, 34,077 from Yemen (33,667 spontaneous and 418 assisted) and 626 from other countries of asylum (589 from Djibouti, 34 from Eritrea, two from Tunisia, and one from Pakistan).

■ From 1 to 30 November, 819 Somalis returned home, 663 from Kenya and 156 spontaneous returnees from Yemen.