UNHCR Somalia Factsheet - 1 - 31 August 2018

from UN High Commissioner for Refugees
Published on 17 Sep 2018 View Original

With conditions improving in some parts of the country, Somali refugees continue to return from countries of asylum. Statistics from UNHCR indicate that over 121,000 people have voluntarily returned from ten countries of asylum since 2014. The countries include Kenya, Yemen, Djibouti,
Libya, Tunisia and Eritrea. As of August 2018, UNHCR registered 31,836 refugees and asylum seekers in Somalia.

Most people seeking asylum in Somalia are from Ethiopia and Yemen.

In August, some 53,000 people were newly displaced, over half of whom came to Banadir from Lower Shabelle due to conflict. In 2018 so far, 695,000 have been internally displaced due to conflicts, floods and drought. As of 31 August, there are estimated to be 2.6 million internally displaced people in Somalia.

31,836 refugees & asylum-seekers As of 31 August there are 31,836 refugees & asylum-seekers registered in Somalia, mainly from Ethiopia (15,692 asylum seekers and 3,803 refugees) and Yemen (54 asylum seekers and 11,781 refugees). In addition, 502 persons are from other countries including Syria (197), Tanzania (98), Eritrea (90).

121,108 refugee returnees (2014 - 2018) In total 121,109 Somali refugees have voluntarily returned to Somalia since December 2014. Of those, UNHCR has provided assistance to 107,986 persons, while 13,123 returnees from Yemen returned without the assistance of UNHCR