UNHCR Somalia | Displacements recorded by the Protection & Return Monitoring Network (1-31 December 2016)

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PRMN is a UNHCR-led trend analysis project that aims to monitor movements of displaced populations into and within Somalia. On behalf of UNHCR, NRC and 39 local partners in the field in Somalia (South Central regions, Puntland and Somaliland) collect data through interviews with refugee and IDP returnees, and with IDPs and host communities conducted at strategic locations along travel routes. Reports are reviewed and published by UNHCR to broaden insight into movement trends for analytical and programmatic purposes.

This reporting period, a total of 57,441 arrivals and 2,272 departures were reported all over Somalia. The population movements were attributed to IDP return (16,952), eviction (15,055), lack of livelihood (11,578), drought (7,920), cross border movement (3,130), insecurity - other insecurity (2,111), insecurity - military offensive (1,562), improved security/political situation in location of return (705), access to education (349), access to humanitarian assistance (252), could not afford to stay in the previous location (if IDP) or country (if cross border) (62), felt unsafe in country of asylum (20), relocation (10) and clan conflict (7).

In Somaliland, the drought experienced has affected pastoralists communities. Partners reported a displacement of 525 individuals due to draught in Borama (353), Laas Caanood (136), Buuhoodle (24) and Berbera (12) districts in Somaliland.

In Puntland: Drought continues to be experienced in Puntland, and this caused a displacement of 4,526 individuals. In Gaalkacyo, 4,371 people were displaced, in Qardho (130) and in Bossaso (25). Populations are also still affected by lak of livelihood opportunities with this being the major cause of diaplacements in Puntland, with a total 8,745 individuals reportedly displaced due to lack of livelihood. These individuals were displaced into Gaalkacyo (8,684), Bossaso (44) and Qardho (17) districts.

In South Central, 16,057 IDP’s returned to their homes in Marka from Marka (8,883), Qoryooley (3,481), Aw Dheegle (2,658) and Kurtunwaarey (1,035) districts. Eviction still remains a major cause of concern in South Central Somalia with a total of 15,055 individuals being forcefully evicted from their homes in Kaxda (5,466), Dayniile (4,680), Hodan (4,389) and Bu’aale (400).

Reports have indicated that the priority needs of the displaced populations this reporting period include livelihood support, food, shelter, protection from conflict and health services. The most vulnerable people were reported to be pregnant women (233), children at risk (223), family unity cases (134), the elderly (60), disabled persons (54), single parents (35), those with protection needs (32), women at risk (28), SGBV cases (9), those with medical needs (3), separated children (1) and survivors of torture (1).