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UNHCR Somalia | Cross-border movements, refugee and IDP returns recorded by the Protection & Return Monitoring Network (1 - 30 September 2015)



PRMN is a UNHCR-led trend analysis project that aims to monitor movements of displaced populations into and within Somalia. On behalf of UNHCR, NRC and 37 local partners in the field in Somalia (South Central regions, Puntland and Somaliland) are collecting data through interviews with refugee and IDP returnees, and with IDPs and host communities conducted at strategic locations along travel routes. Reports are verified and published by UNHCR to broaden insight into movement trends for analytical and programmatic purposes.

Cross-border movement

According to PRMN interviews, Juba Hoose region reported the return of 895 refugees from Kenya. The refugees arrived through Afmadow(279), Badhaadhe(50), Jamaame(245) and Kismaayo(5) districts. Other regions receiving persons crossing the border into Somalia included Banadir(280), Bari(208), Gedo(174), Woqooyi Galbeed(100),Bay(95), Awdal(65) and Juba Dhexe(23).

Most population movements into Somalia from Yemen during the period were as a result of insecurity caused by the ongoing conflict in Yemen. Though the reason was not specified distinctively as a cross border, a total of 502 people crossed the border due to the military activity in Yemen through Awdal(65), Banadir(179), Bari(208) and Woqooyi Galbeed(50).

Refugee Returns

During this reporting period, 1,840 returnees were interviewed during their return journeys from neighboring countries in the region. The refugee returns included 7 people from Djibouti , 21 from Eritrea, 121 from Ethiopia , 1,078 from Kenya, 111 from Saudi Arabia and 502 from Yemen.

IDP Returns

This reporting period, 1,261 internally displaced persons were interviewed as they returned to their villages of origin from other parts of Somalia. The districts which recorded IDP returns were Balcad(1166), Afmadow(116), Tayeeglow(60),
Baydhaba(22), Cadale (7) and Belet Xaawo (6).