UN SRSG for Somalia travels to Somalia to call on the leaders to reach out to all and hold the door open for dialogue.

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Nairobi, 11 May 2007: The Secretary-General's Special Representative for Somalia, François Lonseny Fall, today traveled to Mogadishu to appeal to the leaders of the TFG to reach out to all parts of the Somali society the people and hold the door open for dialogue with all those who are ready to renounce violence to join the reconciliation process. Mr. Fall met with President Yusuf and Prime Minister Gedi to convey a message of the international partners on the need to reach an agreement on cessation of hostilities and preserve the independence of the National Governance and Reconciliation Committee (NGRC) in order to achieve a genuine national reconciliation.

Mr. Fall held a separate meeting with the Chairman of the NGRC to discuss preparations for the National Reconciliation Congress and to emphasize the need to create an environment conducive for the congress and a genuine reconciliation process.

Credibility, Mr. Fall told his interlocutors, is key to the ability of the international community to mobilize financial support for the national reconciliation congress and complete the deployment of the African Mission.

Mr. Fall also reiterated the concerns expressed by council members in their latest resolution on the deteriorating humanitarian situation and stressed the need for the TFG, AMISOM and the UN agencies to work together to address the humanitarian needs of the population.

After his visit in Mogadishu, Mr. Fall will travel to Puntland and Somaliland to appeal to authorities to work towards a peaceful cohabitation. Mr. Fall also took this opportunity to launch an appeal for the release of the two aid workers abducted in Puntland.

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