UN Special Representative concerned about continuing dispute in Somali Parliament

News and Press Release
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Nairobi, 06 January 2012 – The Special Representative of the Secretary-General (SRSG) for Somalia, Ambassador Augustine Mahiga today expressed deep concern over the continuing parliamentary dispute in Mogadishu. He called on all parties to refrain from violence of any kind and to resolve whatever disagreements they may have through peaceful political dialogue and legal procedures as provided for in the Transitional Federal Charter, upon which the credibility of Parliament is based. He noted that the violence, which has taken place in Parliament over the last few days, is most regrettable. He added that appropriate action must be taken against those involved in instigating violence and spoilers. He expressed his sympathy for those injured and wished them a speedy recovery.

“This clash is particularly ill-timed,” said Ambassador Mahiga, “coming at a moment when the entire region, and indeed the international community as a whole, is scaling up attention and support for Somalia to advance the recent gains on the security and political tracks.” He added that this is one of the rare windows of opportunity in the 21 years of conflict in Somalia, which should not be squandered or missed again.

It is in this spirit that UNPOS supports the continuing efforts by President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed to seek a peaceful resolution to the controversy among the parliamentarians and encourages other stakeholders to help him find a workable solution.

The SRSG called on all parties to put aside their differences and work together in a spirit of cooperation and reconciliation to implement the Roadmap on ending the transition and the Garoowe Principles. “UNPOS stands ready to facilitate with good offices to end this distracting quarrel, which serves to help neither Somalia nor the Somali people and is detrimental to the peace process,” Ambassador Mahiga stated.