Tsunami two-year progress report: Somalia


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Executive summary

In the Eastern Africa region, Somalia was the worst hit by the 26 December 2004 tsunami, leaving over 300 people dead or missing and thousands displaced. Somali Red Crescent Society (SRCS) staff and volunteers were involved in the initial life-saving and emergency response activities in collaboration with other actors like United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), the World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Food Programme (WFP). Psychological support was provided for tsunami survivors as well as for staff and volunteers of SRCS. After the emergency phase, SRCS embarked on medium to longer-term programmes in the coastal affected areas of Eyl, Hafun and Gara'ad. These included promotion of hygiene and sanitation through the PHAST methodology, expansion of mother child health/out-patient department (MCH/OPD) services and rehabilitation of damaged water facilities and clinics. Outreach activities were also intensified. Nugal general hospital in Garowe has, over the reporting period, continued to get support from the Federation.

The SRCS disaster management (DM) programme focused mainly on capacity building. Vulnerability and capacity assessment (VCA) training for staff and volunteers from the tsunami affected regions were carried out. VCA training and exercises in all the regions are expected to form the basis for community-based risk reduction initiatives. DM/community-based first aid (CBFA)/volunteer manager positions have been established for coordination of DM response and preparedness activities among other responsibilities at the branch level. Information technology (IT) and communication equipment in all branches in Puntland have been upgraded. SRCS has strengthened its working relationship with Movement partners (mainly partner NSs based in Nairobi, ICRC and the Federation) in the implementation of tsunami programme activities. Other actors like the WHO, WFP and UNICEF have, in their areas of expertise, coordinated response and recovery measures in liaison with SRCS staff and volunteers.

Contact information

For further information specifically related to the tsunami operation please contact:

In Kenya:

Dr. Ahmed M. Hassan, President, Somali Red Crescent Society; email:; phone: +; fax: +

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Per Jensnaes, Head of East Africa Regional Delegation; phone: +254.20.2835 000/124; mobile:+254.736.500 030; email:

In Geneva:

Johan Schaar, Special Representative for the tsunami operation; phone: +41.22.730.4231; fax: +41.22.733.0395, email:

Amna Al Ahmar, East Africa Regional Officer, Africa Department; pone +41.22.730.44.27; fax +41.22.733.03.95, email:;

Lesley Schaffer, Tsunami Grants Officer; email:

Matthew Cochrane, media and public relations officer, phone: +41.22.730.4426; Mobile: +41 79 308 9804; email:

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