Tsunami: One Year On - Somalia

News and Press Release
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Country summary
Death toll - 394 (all figures refer to East Africa)

Missing - 158

Displaced - 2,320

Affected areas - the tsunami hit the region of Puntland (Northeast Somalia) in particular.

DFID Actions

In December, before the disaster, DFID's Somalia programme gave £1 milion to UN OCHA's Somalia Humanitarian Response Fund (HRF). Much of this was later to be used to help those affected by the Tsunami. In January, DFID, gave another £500,000 to the HRF-Tsunami to strengthen field coordination; enhance humanitarian space and security; and improve information management. The UK is the largest contributor to this Fund and is considering further support;

The HRF-T funded the first response to the Tsunami, and now supports transition programming, after a UN assessment in April proposed moving from relief to recovery/ rehabilitation. Although this transition is underway, HRF-T still fills humanitarian emergency gaps.

In direct response, DFID gave £2 million to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) for health, water & sanitation, logistics, food and non-food items in Tsunami-affected regions, including Somalia.