Statement on violations of Cessation of Hostilities by IGAD Ministers of Frontline States on Somalia

ADDIS ABABA - 2ND FEBRUARY, 2003 - The Ministers of the Frontline States: Djibouti, Ethiopia and Kenya received a detailed report on violations of the Declaration on Cessation of Hostilities signed by all Somali parties on the 27th October, 2002 in Eldoret, Kenya.
The Ministers, alarmed by the resumption and escalation of violence in Somalia, condemn, in the strongest terms, the violations of the Declaration on Cessation of Hostilities. These violations are causing great suffering and loss of life to the people of Somalia as well as jeopardizing the peace process and undermining humanitarian assistance. The Ministers call upon all parties to strictly abide by the spirit and letter of the Declaration.

The Ministers reiterated their stand that appropriate sanctions would be taken against all individuals and groups violating the Declaration. In this regard, the Ministers draw the attention of the United Nation, the African Union, the League of Arab States, the European Union, all other partners of IGAD and the rest if the international community, to the urgent need of responding to these violations. The Ministers decided to establish a Committee, with immediate effect, entrusted with the responsibility of monitoring the implementation of the Declaration and taking appropriate action.