Somaliland Update 15 Dec 1999

Severe flooding resulting from three days of heavy rainfall in mid-October prompted the government of Somaliland to turn to the IRC for emergency assistance. Damage was most severe in Hargeisa, the largest city, where a torrent of water from a ruptured dam forced 486 families to flee and killed six people. Most of these families had been displaced people from the southern regions of Somalia. Many lost all of their possessions.
Upon receiving the call, David Murphy, the IRC program coordinator, immediately set up a command post and worked with other international aid organizations to send out assessment teams and mobilize equipment and manpower from the government for the cleanup.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees provided plastic sheeting and blankets for the affected families, the World Food Program supplied food rations and the European Union donated hand tools. Osman Abdi, head IRC administrator in Hargeisa, helped facilitate the collection and distribution of supplies to the flood victims.