Somalia/Mogadishu: Bus and civilians attacked

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A group of men wearing military uniforms (very likely insurgents dressed as government troops) opened fire inside a bus killing at least once civilian. Witnesses said that the bus, operating the Warshaada quarter - Elasha refugee camp route was full of people going to work or shopping at the market. Local radio has suggested that the insurgents purpose in attacking the bus was to rob the passengers. This latest violent episode at the expense of civilians occurred even as last week hundreds of people staged a mass demonstration against the growing insecurity in the country. Meanwhile, the 30 countries involved in the International Contact Group for Somalia are meeting in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) tomorrow to identify measures to support the Somali transition government. "We have finally found the Somali government to be an ally to restore stability to the country - said special UN envoy Ahmedou Ould Abdallah -. We must do everything possible to support it, because the future of Somalia relies on our commitment today". The Saudi monarchy has also received the 23 people who were badly injured after the attack in Mogadishu last December 3rd that killed 24 people, including four ministers, university professors and graduating students at the Shamo hotel. The wounded survivors of the attack could no longer be treated in Mogadishu because of the limited facilities available to local medical doctors[AB]