Somalia: The world refugee day

The Ethiopian intervension of Somalia created one of the largest Internal Displaced Persons (IDPs) in the world. More than half of Mogadishu's inhabitants fled their homes and moved to the city's outskirts. The situation had worsened when the government of Kenya sealed its border with Somalia. The decision of the Kenyan authority put lives of thousands of Somali asylum seekers in danger.

The humanitarian agencies are not doing enough to help an estimated 1.5 million internal displaced people mainly scattered Mogadishu- Afgoye corridor. These IDPs live in a desperate situation. They built makeshifts made of plastic sheets and sticks as a shelter which can not shield them from both rain and hot sun. Constant heavy rains in Mogadishu and its surroundings have caused major damages within the IDPs camps. Casualties include death, injury and destruction of property. Among these IDPs there are hundreds of people who were disabled in the conflict. They need urgent medical attention and humanitarian assistance.

Government / Ethiopian troops and opposition groups have been accused of violating repeatedly both customary humanitarian law and international conventions on refugees. The International Community failed to speak out about the allegations against gross human rights violations in Somalia; and protect the IDPs by creating a save heaven zone for the people escaping from the conflict.

On this occasion of the world Refugee Day, we urge the international Community to take an immediate action towards the improvement of IDPs' living conditions and the protection of their lives in general in particular Somalia.