Somalia Weekly Polio Update: Week 27, 2020


• Two additional circulating vaccine-derived poliovirus type 2 (cVDPV2) positive sewage samples have been reported from environmental surveillance sites in Mogadishu collected on 19 May 2020.

• This brings the total number of cVDPV2 positive sewage samples to 13 so far in 2020. This ongoing isolation of poliovirus suggests ongoing transmission of cVDPV2 among the population.

• The last reported case of paralysis in a child due to cVDPV2 was 8 May 2019.

• In total, 16 children with polio have been identified across Somalia since the initial detection of the ongoing cVDPV2 and cVDPV3 outbreaks in late 2017.

• Over the past two weeks there has been an increase in the number of cholera cases reported in the regions of Banadir and Hiran. This protracted cholera outbreak was first reported in Somalia in 2017.

• Polio immunization campaigns remain paused across the country in light of the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak. The polio teams are monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely to ensure that as soon as the situation is deemed epidemiologically stable, they can resume the planning and implementation of the mOPV2 case response, which has been postponed since March 2020.