Somalia Weekly Markets and Prices Update (7 - 13 August 2022)



• In general, prices of key staple food commodities have remained high but stable during the reporting period compared to last week. Despite a substantial percentage increase in white maize in Somaliland, the absolute average price was half ($0.76/kg) compared to Banadir/Mogadishu ($1.5/kg). Similarly, Jubaland experienced a price increase of red sorghum by 14% but the absolute price ($0.80/kg) was lower compared to South West ($1.20kg) and Banadir/Mogadishu ($1.5/kg).

• Average retail prices for imported food items have remained relatively stable but high (rice $0.95/kg, wheat $1.01/kg, pasta $1.14/kg, and vegetable oil $2.58/kg). Generally, food commodities were available on market during the week though prices remained high.