Somalia WASH Cluster Dashboard (As of 10th August 2022)



Severe drought conditions continue to ravage large parts of Somalia with millions of people facing acute water shortages and being forced to leave from their homes in search of water, food and pasture, heightening pressure on already-limited natural resources. Apart from multiple areas in coastal zones of south and central regions of Somalia that have received light rains during the Xagaa season, a persistent dryness and lack of rainfall led to increased water prices and record low vegetation cover and soil moisture conditions in the rest of the country.

The overall risk of outbreak of diseases in the drought affected areas is very high and could be worsened by the drought situation with lack of safe water, drought induced displacements, crowded and unsanitary living conditions in temporary shelters. Worsening drought conditions is putting large areas and significant portion of the Somalia population at risk of Famine through December 2022 if the Deyr (2022 ) season rains fail, water prices continue to rise sharply, and humanitarian assistance is not scaled up to reach the country’s most vulnerable populations.

Rehabilitation and extension of existing water systems and construction of new boreholes are to be prioritized in rural areas of drought affected districts particularly in Somaliland and Puntland to respond to drought impacted water infrastructures.