Somalia: UN Somalia 2006 flood response plan via UNICEF

from Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency
Published on 15 Jan 2007
The Horn of Africa (Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia) has been affected by the worst flooding in many years and Somalia is currently the most affected country in the region.

The floods are the latest in a long series of disasters in a country which has been plagued by sixteen years of civil war, absence of an effective central government, basic infrastructure or social services, and a severe drought last year.

The UN Somalia 2006 Flood Response Plan was launched on December 6, 2006, and is based on preliminary reports from nine cluster groups. The Flood Response Plan addresses immediate life-saving interventions for up to 350 000 flood affected people in acute need of assistance. Un-earmarked funding to UNICEF will be approved with a total Sida contribution of 5 000 000 SEK for the fiscal year 2006.