Somalia: Tropical Cyclone Pawan Final Report Operation n° MDRSO007



Description of the Disaster

Between 6 and 8 December 2019, Tropical Cyclone Pawan caused flash floods and windstorms in the Puntland State of Somalia. Affected communities were the already displaced communities and this disaster partially and/or completely damaged their shelters and disrupted lifeline and social services for pre-existing IDP settlements such as roads, powers supply lines, telecommunications, schools and health infrastructure. The worst-hit areas included Nugaal Region (Eyl- Dangorayo and KarkaarQardho Districts, both under Garowe SRCS Branch) and the Coastal villages of Hafun, Iskushuban, Baargaal, Quandala and Alula Districts in Bari Region (under Bosasso SRCS Branch). The most affected households needed urgent humanitarian assistance as they were already living in dire conditions prior to the crisis. In response, a DREF operation was launched on 20 December 2019 targeting an overall 31,500 people (5,250 households) with basic shelter and household items, emergency health care, access to clean water and improved sanitation practices.

To note, the Tropical Storm (TS) initially named SIX formed the northern Indian Ocean and later developed into a Tropical Cyclone (TC) named Pawan after sustaining speeds of more than 39 miles, made a landfall on 7th December 2019 on the Coastal side of Puntland (Bosaso, Garowe). The influence of Pawan was felt in the Coastal areas of Bari and Mudug Regions where moderate to heavy rains have fell and strong winds were sustained on 7 and 8 December.