Somalia Task Force on Yemen Situation: Inter-Agency Update #8 (11 April - 24 April)

from UN High Commissioner for Refugees
Published on 28 Apr 2016 View Original


32,063 Arrivals fromYemen since 27 March at the early onset of the crisis

5,785 Yemenis registered in Somalia since 27 March (including Somalis with dual Yemeni-Somali citizenship)

20,062 Arrivals registered at Reception Centers in Berbera, Bossaso and Mogadishu since 27 March

52% Registered arrivals expressing intention to return to Mogadishu 9,975 Somali returnees provided with onward transportation assistance since27March


  • During the reporting period, a total of 126 individuals arrived in Somalia from Yemen through the ports of Berbera, in Somaliland (20 persons), and Bossaso, Puntland (106 persons). Out of this total, 105 individuals were registered by UNHCR in collaboration with local authorities and partners in the Berbera and Bossaso Reception Centers.