Somalia: SOS Children's Village Mogadishu still on alert

According to Ahmed Ibrahim, the director of SOS Children's Villages in Somalia, the situation in Mogadishu, though tense, has improved since yesterday. There was no fighting around the project last night.

The area is now under the control of Somali troops and Ethiopian troops continue to chase insurgents from the city. However there have been reports of serious looting in the area and SOS Children's Villages is on alert.

One of the problems for SOS Children's Villages is that the security guards are not allowed to carry weapons, as they may be mistaken for fighters and would be shot. SOS staff have contacted the police commissioner in Mogadishu to try to get permission to carry weapons within the project itself. At this time they are still waiting for an answer.

Meanwhile four maintenance staff have returned to start the clean up process at the SOS Hospital, especially in the maternity area and operating theatre. Once that area is returned to order the hospital can begin to function again in a limited capacity. Public transport is still not available, so anyone who returns to the project has to either walk or find another means of transport.

The regional director of SOS Children's Villages for East Africa, Wilhelm Huber, has been in touch with co-workers in the project and said that "We are now starting to think about how we can best help and support our co-workers in Mogadishu and the people of Somalia."