Somalia: Shelter Cluster Factsheet, December 2016

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Cluster Specific Objectives

Keeping in view the Cluster Objectives, UNHCR Somalia aims to contribute to the protection of displaced people, including those affected by natural hazards through the provision of NFIs and Emergency shelter and to Improve the living conditions of the protected internally displaced persons (T-shelters, permanent shelter and improved land tenures).

Needs Analysis

  • Drought, conflict rights violations affected displaced communities in urban settlements in Puntland, Somaliland, South and Central Somalia in urgent need of shelter and NFI assistance.
  • Advocacy for longer-term land tenure is key to ensuring adequate shelter support.
  • Eviction is still a major hurdle in the provision of sustainable solutions in most parts of Somalia.
  • There is need for stocks to be positioned for IDPs and refugee returns coming back from Kenya and Yemen.

Gaps / Challenges

  • Lack of systematic data hampers shelter cluster response to the refugee returns situation.
  • Restricted humanitarian accessibility continues to affect the provision of assistance to affected people in some parts of south and central Somalia.
  • Decreasing funding of shelter activities has exceptionally affected the capacity of cluster partners. The resulting gaps are aggravated by the sharp increase in emergency shelter needs.


  • 7,927 persons have received emergency assistance packages
  • 4,140 persons have received emergency shelter
  • 100 persons were supported with permanent shelter solutions
  • 120 persons were supported with transitional shelter solutions