Somalia Seasonal Monitor: July 6, 2015



Moderate Todob rains fell in late March. Then the Gu 2015 rains started on time in mid-April with typical distribution and intensity. Overall, they were unevenly, temporally distributed, and they ended early in early May in some parts of the North and most southern and central regions. Cumulative April to June Gu rainfall was largely near average to above average in terms of amount. Spatial coverage was mostly typical. There was below-average rainfall in agropastoral areas, Guban Pastoral livelihood zone of the Northwest, Coastal Deeh Pastoral livelihood zone in the southern and central regions, parts of Bari, Hiraan, Gedo, and Middle and Lower Juba, and some parts of the Sool Plateau in Sanaag (Figure 2). The early cessation of Gu rains in early May was followed by cool, dry winds that accelerated the depletion of water sources and deterioration of pasture. From April to June, cumulative rainfall was mostly 50-to-100 millimeters (mm) above the 2001 to 2014 mean in most of the southern and central regions and in some parts of the northern regions, despite the short duration of the rains this year (Figure 2).