Somalia: Report of the Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator (S/2021/847) [EN/AR]



  1. The present report is submitted pursuant to Security Council resolution 2551 (2020), the resolution succeeding resolutions 1916 (2010), 1972 (2011), 2060 (2012), 2111 (2013), 2182 (2014), 2244 (2015), 2317 (2016), 2385 (2017), 2444 (2018) and 2498 (2019), in which the Council established the reporting requirement. It is the sixteenth submission pursuant to the above-mentioned resolutions. The Council, in paragraph 36 of its resolution 2551 (2020), requested the Emergency Relief Coordinator to report to the Council by 15 October 2021 on the delivery of humanitarian assistance in Somalia and on any impediments thereto.

  2. The present report covers the period from 1 September 2020 to 31 August 2021. It is focused primarily on the delivery of humanitarian assistance to affected people in areas under the control or influence of Al-Shabaab, which was included on the sanctions list pursuant to paragraph 8 of Security Council resolution 1844 (2008), by the Security Council Committee pursuant to resolutions 751 (1992) and 1907 (2009) concerning Somalia and Eritrea, on 12 April 2010. As in the previous 15 reports (S/2010/372, S/2010/580, S/2011/125, S/2011/694, S/2012/546, S/2012/856, S/2013/415, S/2014/177, S/2014/655, S/2015/731, S/2016/827, S/2017/860, S/2018/896, S/2019/799 and S/2020/1004), in the present report, constraints to humanitarian access and operational implications are outlined. In addition, mitigation measures established to address the risks of the politicization, misuse and misappropriation of humanitarian assistance are summarized. The report is based on information synthesized in consultation with relevant humanitarian organizations active in Somalia and information from the Risk Management Unit in the Integrated Office of the Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General/United Nations Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator for Somalia.