Somalia: Rebels continue to advance, Elasha and Adado fall

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After the peaceful takeover of the port town of Merca, Addado, about 600km north of Mogadishu and Elasha, outside the capital, which has been flooded by refugees in the recent months, have also fallen to control of the insurgents. Ali Mohalin, deputy director of the Medina hospital in Mogadishu confirmed the news to MISNA, adding that "the advance of insurgents is proceeding without the spilling of blood, also coinciding with the retreat of government and Ethiopian troops". According to Mohalin, "people are tired of the vexations to which, in small villages in particular, to which they are subjected by governors and government emissaries, who are, on top of everything, unable to maintain order and ensure security", for this reason, there is no resistance to the insurgents when they enter cities. Some witnesses also present in Elasha said that they did not hear gunfire, though they did see several trucks arriving during the night with armed men aboard; the latter ordered the residents to stay indoors until morning. "It is well known in Somalia, that the cities under the control of insurgents are the most secure and those having a functioning administration" said Mohalin. Meanwhile, in Merca, the main port in Somalia, the insurgents have banned weapons from the city streets and announced they would re-establish stability and security.