Somalia Rain Watch - May 13, 2014

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Moderate to light rains have resumed in most parts of Somalia

Moderate Gu rains fell across most of southern and northwestern Somalia, some parts of the Northeast, and localized western areas in the central regions from May 1 to 10 (Figure 1). In parts of Bakool, Sool, Nugal Regions, eastern Addun Pastoral livelihood zone, and the cowpea belt in the central regions, localized light to moderate rains were reported. In Bari Region, most parts of Sanaag, northern Gedo, Coastal Deeh Pastoral livelihood zone in the central regions, and Guban Pastoral livelihood zone in the Northwest, little or no rain was recorded.

In the Northwest, the Hawd, West Golis Pastoral and Northwest Agropastoral livelihood zones in Awdal, Togdheer, and Woqooyi Galbeed Regions received moderate to heavy rainfall. Parts of the Nugal Valley, Hawd Pastoral livelihood zone in Sool Region, and localized areas of East Golis Pastoral livelihood zone in Sanaag Region received moderate to light rains. The remaining areas of the Northwest remained mostly dry.

In Northeast, satellite-derived rainfall estimates (RFE2) showed light showers in most areas, but field information reported little to no rain in Bari Region, Nugal Valley Pastoral livelihood zone, and most parts of Coastal Deeh Pastoral livelihood zone. However, the Hawd and western part of Addun Pastoral livelihood zone in Nugal Region and northern Mudug Region received moderate rains with average distribution. These rains have eased the water stress and halted water trucking. However, impacts on pasture availability are not yet widespread, but they will be more widely observed if near normal to normal rain falls for the rest of the month, promoting normal, opportunistic livestock migration.