Somalia Post Return Monitoring Snapshot Round 6 | September 2021

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This post-return monitoring (PRM) snapshot presents selected and cumulative findings of data obtained from six rounds of interviews conducted with Somali refugee returnees in Somalia. With the PRM data collection exercise having commenced in November 2017, the latest sixth round of interview was undertaken between August to September 2021. The cumulative data set presented in this snapshot is based on interviews with 2,471 returnee households (HHs) across different return locations in Somalia. This PRM exercise follows the previous post-return monitoring snapshot issued by UNHCR in May 2021. Unless otherwise specified, the results outlined in this snapshot are cumulative.

The Somalia situation features one of the world’s largest forcibly displaced populations with an estimated 3.8 million displaced Somalis, including 800,000 Somali refugees outside the country, and the remainder as internally displacement persons (IDPs) within Somalia. Around 660,000 Somali refugees are hosted in Kenya (40% of the total refugee population) and Ethiopia (31% of the total refugee population). The remaining are reported to be in Yemen (23%), and Uganda (6%). (Source of data:

UNHCR Somalia resumed repatriation with limited capacity from Kenya since December 2020, with fit-for-purpose COVID-19 measures agreed on and put in place by the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) in collaboration with WHO. The Assisted Spontaneous Return (ASR) programme, in collaboration with IOM, for returnees from Yemen remains suspended due to COVID-19 pandemic related movement restrictions and testing challenges. The UNHCR Regional Bureau for East, Horn of Africa and the Great lakes, in collaboration with UNHCR Somalia, is closely following up with IOM and UNHCR Yemen on the resumption of the ASR programme from Yemen.