Somalia Post Deyr’ 11/12 Integrated Nutrition Situation Analysis, South East Regions- Middle and Lower Shabelle, Hiran and Banadir

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Driving Factors

Aggravating factors

  • Frequent disease outbreaks and high morbidity

  • Reduced access to humanitarian interventions specifically, feeding and health programmes, mainly in the Shabelles and Hiran regions

  • Reduced household food access persists, but may improve with good harvests, milk availability is still low

  • Inappropriate child feeding and care practices

  • Poor access to sanitation facilities and safe water in rural LHZs

  • Civil insecurity all regions remain the epicenter of civil strife

Mitigating factors

  • Increased humanitarian programmes in Banadir region and parts of Hiran (health, feeding, WASH)

  • Good Deyr season- increased production (crop and livestock) – improved household food access and income

  • Control/ reduction of disease outbreaks