Somalia Post Deyr’ 11/12 Integrated Nutrition Situation Analysis, Northwest - Somaliland

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Main Livelihood Zones

Livelihood Groups & Main Sources of Food and Income

4 Pastoral Livelihoods (Hawd, Sool Plateau, Nugaal Valley, and Golis/Guban Pastoralists)  Primary sources of income of poor: sale of livestock & livestock products  Primary sources of food of poor: purchase and own production  Primary livelihood asset of poor: camel, sheep/goat

Agro-pastoral Livelihoods (Togdheer and Northwest Agro-pastoral)  Togdheer Agro-Pastoral are more pastoral, however there is an increasing dependency on crop and fodder production. Main sources of income: sale of livestock & livestock products, self-employment and fodder sales.  Main source of food: Own crop and food purchase  Northwest Agro-pastoral are more agriculturists than pastoralists. Main sources of income: sale of crops, livestock products and labour;  Main sources of food: own crop production and purchase.