Somalia Polio Flash Update: Week 44 2020

Situation Report
Originally published


• In week 44, three (3) cVDPV2 positive AFP cases were reported by the laboratory.

• One male child, aged 18 months, had onset of paralysis on 27 September 2020. He resides in Danyile district, Banadir region.

• One female child, aged 20 months, had onset of paralysis on 29 September 2020. She resides in Hargeisa district, Galbeed region.

• One male child aged 60 months, had onset of paralysis on 30 September 2020. He resides in Hodan district, Banadir region.

• In total, 12 cVDPV2 cases have been reported in 2020. The date of onset of the most recent cVDPV2 case is 30 September 2020. Twenty-five (25) cVDPV2 positive environmental samples have been reported so far in 2020.

• Steps taken in response to recent virus detections include detailed case investigations, healthy child sampling, raising community awareness, sensitizing health workers to acute flaccid paralysis, and intensified active case search.

• Sixty-one (61) new suspected cases of measles were detected in week 44, bringing the total in 2020 to 2071.

aVDPV1 cases are not currently reflected in Somalia’s overall case count for the outbreak, to ensure consistency with global reporting of VDPV cases.