Somalia: Nutrition Cluster Snapshot (January - October 2017)

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Current Nutrition Situation

Widespread acute malnutrition continues to persist across Somalia. Despite the large-scale humanitarian assistance delivered, which saved lives of over one-million acutely malnourished individuals, the projected number of children who are, or who will be acutely malnourished, has increased since the beginning of the year to 1.2 million , including over 231,829 who have or will suffer life-threatening severe acute malnutrition (SAM) over the next one-year period of 2018.

The significant deterioration of malnutrition situation seen among the IDPs can be attributed to high morbidity (disease incidence e.g. AWD, measles), low humanitarian support, poor child feeding & caring practices. Similarly, partners on the ground generally felt that food insecurity, limited health service availability, like poor EPI coverage, increased morbidity, poor health seeking behaviour & diffculty of accessing clean water supply are driving factors for the current situation.