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Somalia Market Bulletin #2: April 2022


Key points

In the month of March, the prices of local cereals, imported food items, fruits and vegetables increased compared from the January to February period due to effects of drought, high global prices and increased fuel prices leading to high transport prices.

Compared with the same period one year ago, the price of the food MEB increased in all the regions, with the largest surge recorded in Bay 93%, Bakool 75%, Mudug 64%, Middle Juba 61% and lower Shabelle 61%.

In the last three months, the price of the food MEB increased in all the regions except Sool and Hiraan, where it decreased by 6% and 8% respectively. The largest increase was recorded in Mudug 38%.

Increased global oil prices have caused spikes in the costs of petrol and diesel in the country and March pump prices doubled compared with February in downstream markets of south central regions.

The terms of trade for goats against imported rice and wheat flour decreased in March compared to February (by 7% and 8% respectively), and were at their lowest level in the last one year.