Somalia Humanitarian Fund (SHF) - The SHF 2016-2019 Grand Bargain Delivery

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1. Summary

This document highlights major development within the Somalia Humanitarian Fund (SHF) since the 2016 World Humanitarian Summit (WHS) that have contributed to the implementation of the Grand Bargain commitments adopted at the Summit. During this period, the Fund has undergone significant transformation in term of management and strategic focus. It has regained the trust of donors and other stakeholders and has been repositioned as one of the most effective humanitarian financing mechanisms in the Somalia aid architecture.

2. SHF delivery against the Grand Bargain workstreams

I. Greater transparency

With the strategic and operational prioritisation of its funds anchored in the inter-cluster system – at national and sub-national levels – funding recommendations of the SHF have always been based on collective prioritization, maintaining the SHF as one of the most inclusive and transparent funding mechanisms in the Somalia operation. An array of stakeholders is involved in the strategic prioritization – through the formulation of publicly available strategies – and operational prioritization – determining who and why is selected for funding. The information and justification leading to funding decisions are recorded in real-time in the Fund’s Grant Management System; and the results – including funded partners, projects, locations, number of people targeted and funding amounts – are made available publicly through the Country Based Pooled Funds (CBPF)’s Business Intelligence Portal at .

Since 2016, the SHF management has taken additional steps to communicate about the Fund’s activities and priorities through the Fund’s website (, social media platforms such as Twitter ( and and Facebook ( to further enhance transparency and accountability. The public and stockholders can obtain information on the fund management processes, detailed and up-to-date rules and regulation, and even follow implementing

partners that communicate about their activities. All stakeholders are encouraged to bring complaints regarding the SHF process or decisions to the attention of the SHF Manager and OCHA Somalia senior management though the confidential feedback email .

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