Somalia: Humanitarian Dashboard - November 2019 (As of 18 December 2019)



Humanitarian partners have scaled up flood responses by re-programming available resources, but significant gaps remain even as heavy rains subside in some locations out of 570,000 flood-affected people. More than 350,000 people have received assistance. In Belet Weyne, flood water has receded, allowing 80,000 displaced people 40 per cent of these displaced to return home. The rains have inundated 207,000 hectares of land along Shabelle and Juba rivers, raising concerns about food security and livelihood losses. The number of people displaced was over 300,000 people as seen in the graph below. On 23 November, the UN and Government launched a 3-month US$72.5 million Flood Response Plan to mobilise additional resources. Some $25 million has been made available including $11 million from the Somalia Humanitarian Fund, $8 million from CERF and funding from ECHO and DFID, but $47.5 million is still required.


UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
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