Somalia: Humanitarian Dashboard - May 2018 (issued on 14 June 2018)

from UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
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By the end of May, an estimated 830,000 people had been affected by the flooding crisis, more than 290,000 of whom were internally displaced. 21 people died as direct result of the crisis, with Hirshabelle and Jubaland states especially affected. In the aftermath of the Gu season’s end, fears regarding the spread of communicable diseases immediately arose across Somalia – the AWD/cholera outbreak has intensified, with 3,547 cases now reported since December 2017. Malaria and measles are also growing concerns, with 4,446 cases and 4,765 cases, respectively, reported since the beginning of the year. Elsewhere, Cyclone Sagar had a huge impact on the north of the country, leaving an entire year’s worth of rain in just a few days. In Somaliland, at least 49 people were killed, while 168,000 people were affected overall. Puntland also felt the impact, with three people dead and over 60,800 people affected. Halfway through the year, the Humanitarian Response Plan is only 33 per cent funded, with many clusters reporting insufficient resources to support both ongoing and future operations.

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