Somalia: Humanitarian Dashboard (March 2013 | Issued on 26 April) - Info graphic


Situation overview

Several parts of the country especially the south have been affected by flooding following heavy rains across Somalia and the Ethiopian highlands. Flash floods in Wanlaweyn district in Lower Shabelle led to loss of property, damage to infrastructure and displacement of people. Xudun district (Sool) and Dharoor valley (Sanaag) also experienced flooding. Humanitarian partners immediately mobilised emergency response to the flood affected people. The rains however also led to significant improvements in pasture and surface water availability.

Displacements continued in southern Somalia during the reporting period. The withdrawal of Ethiopian troops from Xudur and its immediate occupation by Al-Shabaab forces on 17 March led to the displacement of thousands of people into neighboring regions of Bay and Gedo. About 2,500 people fled to Ceel Barde. Emergency response in health, food security, nutrition, shelter as well as water, sanitation and hygiene began immediately and reached 5,800 people including the IDP and the host population.


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