Somalia: Humanitarian Dashboard (July 2012) - Info graphic

from UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Published on 31 Jul 2012

Situation Overview

  1. The Somalia National Contituent Assembly endorsed a draft contitution which is considered a critical step towards ending the country’s political transition. This was then followed by the commencement of the selection of members for the new parliament that would pave way for the election of a new speaker and then a president. This is seen as an unprecedented opportunity for greater peace and stability in Somalia.

  2. According to the Food Security and Nutrition Analysis Unit, most cereal prices remained relatively stable in most markets with marginal increases reported in some. It is expected that this situation will change as a result of the drought in United States that is likelly to drive up the prices of imported cereals and availability of food assistance globally.

  3. Reports from UNHCR’s indicate decreasing trends in population movements from 16,000 in June to 11,000 in July. This is likely attributed to take over and control of Al-Shabab strongholds in South Central Somalia by the TFG/AMISOM forces.
    The presence of these forces has however not completely eliminated the movement with many still seeking refuge from clashes and indiscipline of newly established administrations.

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