Somalia: High death toll from Mogadishu to Baidoa

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The 'count' began today in Mogadishu of the dead and injured in yesterday's violence. Local MISNA sources refer that the fighting in the airport area left 12 people dead, especially civilians who were caught in the crossfire of insurgents and forces of the African Union mission in Somalia (AMISOM); other sources instead give higher tolls of 23 dead and double the amount wounded. Our MISNA sources refer that there is relative calm this morning in the Somali capital and no fighting is underway: residents are taking advantage to leave their homes, avoiding the areas presided by soldiers, particularly Ethiopian that for some time have been shooting on sight and without warning at anyone moving near their posts. A higher toll emerges from Baidoa, where the local press reports that at least 41 people were killed in clashes between Ethiopian soldiers and insurgents. The victims include 11 civilians, 10 Somali soldiers and 20 Ethiopian soldiers; the number of wounded is unknown. Clashes and violence were reported also in other zones of the country, in particular in a small town in the East Province, a few kilometres from the border with Kenya, where clashes between rival clans left five dead.