Somalia Health Cluster: MoH and WHO technical resources related to measles

The purpose of this note is to facilitate access for Programme Managers to technical guidance and guidelines on measles. Especially to help ensure that health workers have access to the Somalia Treatment Guidelines which provide guidance on the appropriate management of measles for use at different levels of the health system, including recommended vitamin A dosage and supportive care/management of complications of measles.

Please find below links to relevant publications and updates:

  1. Measles factsheet July 2017 This is a WHO media briefing sheet outlining key facts on measles, its management and prevention through vaccination. Standards for care of children with measles include:
  1. Measles vaccines: WHO position paper; WHO weekly epidemiological bulletin,
    April 2017 This provides the most recent technical guidance principally for public health managers and immunization experts on measles vaccination recommendations.

  2. Somali Treatment Guidelines in line with the Essential Package of Health Services Somali country approved guidelines include how to manage measles and its complications of measles. The guidelines are available under the Treatment Guidelines & Protocols section of the Health Cluster website: And where you will find Somalia Treatment Guidelines for use in the Primary Health Unit, Health Centre as well as Hospital and Referral Health Centre. The PDF contains a searchable facility using the keyword measles.

  • Measles is a highly infectious disease.

  • Any patient with measles who requires hospitalization is likely to be infectious.

  • Hospitalized patients with measles should be kept in isolation from other patients in order to avoid cross-infection.

  1. Further resources for the specific management of eye complications of measles infection
  • Measles infection can lead to blindness.

  • Guidance on the immediate management of eye complications in patients with measles is provided on pages 36 – 37 of the Handbook : IMCI integrated management of childhood illness.

  • Organizations are asked to ensure that health workers under their management and supervision are able to diagnose, treat and/or refer where appropriate children with severe eye complications.