Somalia Health Cluster Humanitarian Response Dashboard as of June 2022



The humanitarian situation of the country remains fragile due to the continued conflict, drought, disease outbreaks.
The devastating drought has put millions at risk of severe malnutrition and diseases outbreaks such as Cholera & measles. The health sector is facing limited funding in responding to the looming needs receiving only 11% of the funding required; however, health partners through the health cluster guidance are doing coordinated responses in reaching the most affected community such the IDPs and people in hard reached areas.
The health cluster through coordination of partners activities have so far responded to AWD/cholera and measles outbreak that have been reported in all the drought affected districts. The health cluster have scale up activities in Some of the most affected district in Southwest & Hirsbalelle states. The Health cluster partners and Ministry of Health have reached 1.7M with primary health services and 42K children with measles vaccination in the month of June. Roll out of OCV vaccination have also reached 897,086 in 9 districts.
The Health cluster is combating malnutrition through working closely with nutrition cluster as well to continue monitoring and responding to outbreaks in Somalia. Somalias are hungrier, sicker and more vulnerable than a year ago, pushing an ever-greater number of people into reliance on humanitarian assistance for survival. The need to upscale humanitarian assistance is vital to save lives and this is the time.