Somalia: Health Cluster Bulletin, September - October 2019

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Floods Situational Update

Widespread flooding in low‐lying riverine communities of the Shabelle and Juba rivers in southern Somalia have displaced of more than 230,000 people, with 111 settlements underwater according to the Somalia Water and Land Information Management system (FAO), (Somalia Flash Update No. 3, 1 Nov 2019, OCHA).
River flooding is likely to worsen over the coming weeks, and there is a high risk of flash flooding in low‐lying areas in Hiraan, Gedo, and Juba regions.

An inter‐agency assessment mission to Berdale, 04 November 2019 led by UNOCHA documented an increase of diar‐ rheal diseases, acute respiratory infections (ARI), skin diseases, intestinal worms and malnutrition during the last week of October and beginning of November; with cases of malnutrition seen in health facilities. Beledweyne town near Somalia’s boarder with Ethiopia is worst affected due to its topography and proximity to River Shebelle; an area often experi‐ encing flooding.