Somalia: Health Cluster Bulletin #06, November 2018

Situation Report
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• Health cluster partners provided consultation services to 537,7261 individuals in 334 health facilities (including 10 mobile health units). Of this, 261,748 were reached through funds received from the humanitarian appeal process.

• No new case of circulating vaccine-derived poliovirus (cVDPV) were discovered in November; with twelve (12) cases3 since January 2018.

• 8,7524 suspected cases of measles were reported during 2018 up until 2 December. Overall, surveillance is showing a decrease in the cases of measles.

• A total of 6,5395 cases of acute watery diarrhea (AWD) / Cholera (CFR 0.7%) in 2018 up to 2 December. Like measles, there is a decreasing trend of cases. Currently, most cases are centred in and around the Banadir region.

• The Health Cluster has been allocated a specific envelope of US$ 1 Million in the Second Somalia Humanitarian Fund (SHF). The fund target health activities in Gedo and Galgaduud regions.

Situation Update

The general situation during November was without any new acute natural events. The challenging security situation, characterized by multi-faceted armed conflict and inter-communal violence, continues to impede access to healthcare, provision of emergency health services and the development of the health sector. According to FEWSNET, the ongoing Dyer season is not performing as expected with dispersed below-average rains. This will affect the availability of cereals already hampered by limited Gu harvest due to floods. “Carry-over Gu stocks, and the Deyr harvest, are expected to sustain Minimal (IPC phase 1) and Stressed (IPC Phase 2) outcomes across most of the South, but Bay Bakool is likely to deteriorate to Crisis (IPC Phase 3) by February [2019]” The limited availability of this staple food will likely affect the nutritional levels impacting the general health status of the population in 2019.

• Health cluster partners have so far received a total of US$ 33,052,2446 equivalent to 26.7% of the requirement of US$ 124.4 M for 2018.