Somalia: Health Cluster Bulletin #04, July 2018



• Health cluster partners provided consultation services to 385,574 individuals in 371 health facilities (including 15 mobile health units). Of this, 185,844 were reached through funds received from the humanitarian appeal process.

• The effects of floods has led to the increased cases of vector borne diseases including malaria. In July, a total of 1,4822 confirmed cases were recorded by health cluster partners.

• During 2018, 6,9794 suspected cases of measles were reported, of this 562 was reported in July.

• A total of 7413 cases of AWD / Cholera (CFR 0.01%) in July 2018, the lowest since a resurgence of AWD in December 2017. The last three weeks has seen a gradual decline in the number of AWD cases.

• Health cluster is tooling up in the preparation of the 2019 HRP. Consultations at state levels and preparation of a Public Health Situation Analysis is ongoing.

• Health cluster partners have so far received a total of US$ 22,753,8506 equivalent to 16% of the requirement of US$ 124M in the 2018 HRP.

Situation Update

The last month Somalia did not experience any major shocks, but the effects of the floods and cyclone Sagar still exists. In addition, insecurity continues to hamper partners access to the rural parts of the country.
In 2018, the partners through several sources of funding reached 2,246,742 people. Of these, 1,739,910 individuals were reached by humanitarian response plan funded projects. While providing medical consultations to these individuals, health cluster partners noted prevalence of common diseases including other acute diarrheal diseases, influenza like illness, severe acute respiratory illness, measles etc. Since April, however partners continue to report increases in cases of malaria in mainly the flood affected areas.