Somalia: Galgaduud emergency assessment report



In response to the current humanitarian emergency in the central regions of Somalia, SYPD send a rapid assessment team to determine the level of the humanitarian emergency in Galguduud region and how SYPD and other humanitarian actors can take action against these crises. The team carried out the assessment in 9 Camps in Galguduud region from 14th to 17th February, 2009 and gathered required information in the field using number of data collection methodologies including focus group discussions, interviews with key informants, direct observation, and site visits.

The outcome of SYPD assessment showcased that Galguduud region is facing dire humanitarian emergency and if the humanitarian actors and donor community don't respond in a timely manner, the situation could significantly deteriorate in the coming months.

According to Food Security Analysis Unit Somalia (FSAU) special brief issued on February 11, 2009, "the overall food security situation in drought affected areas of Galguduud and Mudug regions have deteriorated even further since Gu'08.' The depth of the crisis is severe, with an estimated 350,000 rural pastoralists and agro-pastoralists and 55,000 urban inhabitants in either Acute Food or Livelihood Crisis (AFLC) or Humanitarian Emergency (HE). More than half the population of the two regions is in crisis. Since Gu'08, the number of people in HE has increased by 41% in Galguduud". FSAU reports.

The assessment team highly recommends local and humanitarian actors to step up emergency interventions urgently, to save lives and prevent a large scale disaster.