Somalia: Flood Update (as of 21 May 2020)


Situation Overview

As of 21 May, the number of people affected by flooding in Somalia has reached 919,000, of whom 411,905 have been displaced and 24 killed, in 29 districts. The most affected district is Belet Weyne in Hiran region, where riverine flooding caused by a sharp rise in water levels on River Shabelle, has displaced an estimated 240,000 people. Humanitarian partners and authorities are scaling up their responses, reaching at least 255,000 people with life-saving assistance.

According to SWALIM, this week has seen a significant reduction of rainfall amounts in Somalia save for a few places in the southern coastal areas. This trend is normal as rains start to reduce in the second half of May in many areas while the coastal areas continue to record rainfall through June and July. In general, the seasonal rains have been considerably good across the country with some areas still experiencing the negative effects of the rains including Middle Juba, Lower Juba and Hiraan regions.


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