Somalia: Flood advisory for Jowhar


Observed River levels at Jowhar have risen by almost 3m in the last 5 days, and are only 30 centimeters from the flood stage. This sharp rise can be attributed to runoff from tributaries within Somalia, in Hiran and Middle Shabelle regions following heavy rains in the area in the last few days. Jowhar received 44mm of rainfall on the 22nd April while Jalalaqsi recorded 148mm of rainfall on the 15th April.

Reports from the upstream stations at Bulo Burti and Belet Weyne indicate increased river levels at the two stations and this may be translated down to Jowhar leading to a further increase of river levels at Jowhar. Following these events, there is a probability of flooding in Jowhar and the low lying downstream reaches.

Additional field reports from CEFA indicated that the Chinese canal; which was supposed to provide flood relief is not currently operational. This might further complicate the situation downstream. SWALIM is closely monitoring this situation and will update you if there are any further changes.