Somalia: Flash update on forced displacement from Laas Caanood #3, As of 14 October 2021


Situation Overview

The number of people who have been forcibly displaced from Laas Caanood and surrounding areas has risen to more than 7,250, according to UNHCR’s Protection and Return Monitoring Network (PRMN). Some 24 households (have also reportedly moved to nearby villages in Buhoodle district, according to mapping done by PRMN. In Ceerigaabo town, Sanaag region, 75 people have reportedly left for Gaalkacyo and Baidoa towns after authorities issued a notice asking people from southern areas to leave by 21 October,

Over 3,300 displaced people from Laas Caanood have arrived in Gaalkacyo since 2 October when the forced displacements started, of whom 986 have proceeded to South West State, Hirshabelle and Banadir. Another 32 families (75 people) arrived in Margaga settlement in the outskirts of Ba’adweyn town, 50km northeast of Gaalkacyo. On 14 October, they were airlifted to Baidoa. Since 10 October, 561 displaced families (3,366 people) have arrived in Baidoa.

The forceful displacement of scores of families from Laas Caanood has raised protection concerns. The displaced have reported separation of families, child abandonment and loss of property. Protection Cluster partners in Gaalkacyo reported that seven separated minors have now been reunited with their families. One unaccompanied minor is living with IDPs in Gaalkacyo, according to Puntland authorities.


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