Somalia: FAO Agricultural Relief Component

Special Relief Operations Service
SOMALIA / 2000 Appeal - UN Consolidated Inter-Agency Appeal - FAO Agricultural Relief Component

Amount: US$2 540 000

After six consecutive years of poor harvests, the food situation in Somalia continues to be precarious for a large portion of the population.

Furthermore, an FAO/WFP Mission reported that the 1999 main "Gu" season, accounting for about 80 percent of annual food production, had failed because of sparse rains, uncontrolled crop pests and farmers' displacement.

The 2000 UN Consolidated Inter-Agency Appeal was launched by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, OCHA in Geneva on 23 November 1999. The appeal seeks to address the needs of the vulnerable rural population in Somalia and includes nine proposals for agricultural projects, prepared by FAO for a total of US$2 540 000.

In 1999, the FAO emergency programme targeted 33 000 drought-affected vulnerable families in southern, central and northern parts of the country. Donor resources were used to provide cereal seed and hand tools to destitute farming families. FAO utilized its own resources to assist drought-stricken farmers to resume productive activities through support to land preparation and provision of cereal seed. FAO also supported the coordination of emergency agricultural interventions.

The objectives of this appeal are (i) to enhance food security, nutritional status and improvement of self-reliance and (ii) to improve technical expertise and facilities available in the sector. In order to meet these objectives, the appeal includes the following project proposals:

Strengthening of the coordination of agricultural relief and rehabilitation programmes and provision of technical assistance to such programmes (US$370 000)

This project aims to facilitate coordination of interventions for agricultural relief and rehabilitation and provide technical assistance to humanitarian organizations, agencies and NGOs involved in supporting the sector.

Provision of cereal seeds and agricultural hand tools (US$755 000)

This project aims to assist up to 90 000 destitute farming families through provision of seeds and hand tools.

Community level production of good quality seed (US$269 000)

This project aims to produce good quality seed at the community level and improve the technical skills of farmers involved in seed production.

River embankment and canal rehabilitation (US$748 000)

This project aims to rehabilitate river embankments and irrigation structures in order to expand agricultural areas.

Emergency flood prevention and rehabilitation of irrigation canals (US$148 000)

The project aims to prevent frequent flood damage for up to 12 000 farming families in the Lower Shebelle region thus increasing agricultural production.

Support to home gardening activities (US$250 000)

This project aims to improve the nutritional status of up to 15 000 farming families through providing female farmers with vegetable seeds and tools for the establishment of home gardens, in connection with carrying out training activities.

Should you wish to contribute to a project (total or partial costs),a project document can be made available.

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